With our last generation touring car the XQ10 being around for some time, we'd thought to release a brand new challenger in the 1/10 Touring Car world; our Execute XQ11!

Check out the different features below!

Execute XQ11 | In Action

Execute XQ11 新車介紹 | 中文字幕

Execute XQ11 Introduction

Execute XQ11 | Close up

Execute XQ11 | Sneak Peek

Here's a full view of the lower arms on our Execute XQ11, the lower shock angle can be adjusted through different shock angle inserts. In total, there are three different kinds of inserts which allow for 5 different lower shock angle settings.

Some small hidden screws on the lower arms on the Execute XQ11 to adjust the fitment to give free moving suspension whilst also being just tight enough that they don't pop out easily! (Screw in the front of the arm also)

The motor mount has been redesigned to accept up to 4 locations of bearings to tension your belt, with one of those being height adjustable. You will also be able to see that our spur mounting is now screw less, secured by a single large plate for a more evenly mounted spur!

Redesigned body stops helping you lift the body when cornering to prevent scraping on the floor and giving inconsistent performance.

Easy to adjust caster angle by adding or removing shims to the front of the mount, without having to use special tools to measure caster.

Through axle design in the uprights giving better support and increasing consistency and removing unwanted slop.

We have brought back the quick change steering ackermann setting through adjusting with inserts.

Reinforced upper arms increasing suspension stiffness. Webbing can be cut for suspension flex tuning.

Top deck flex can be adjusted through the plethora of holes in the top deck by adding/removing inserts and/or screws in the provided holes.

Anti roll bar mount now separate from the bulkhead to not interfere with the flex in the bulkhead area.