The third round of the HKRCSA was held over the weekend. With our Execute XQ11 being released the week before, many racers were able to build theirs in time for this race!

Group photo of all the Xpress drivers at the event, we would like to thank you all for coming.

Our local driver was able to top qualifier and eventually take home the win.

We'll go over his Execute XQ11 and show some of the setup choices he chose for this race.

Hay after testing liked how the car behaved with the longest camberlinks as possible. As such he ran the aluminum hubs (coming soon) with the camber link mount flipped around to get the longest camberlink possible.

Also installed were some aluminum diff outdrives and universals.

At the front the long camberlink mod was done also, with 1mm front caster shims for 4 degrees in total.

Graphite steering block arms and some 10g weights tucked in the front.

A total of 4mm of shims were used to stand the shocks more upright.
Check out his setup here.

Photo of some Xpress drivers at their pits.

Interesting choice of adding a small brass weight at the front of the bumper.