Detail build by our Japan Dealer Tam Tam, they run through every bit and give some useful tips when building the XQ1S!


Well, as arrived earlier we will quickly assemble XPRESS's "EXECUTE XQ1S Chassis Kit".


Clear instruction manual for easy building.


We will not show the assembly of the rear gear diff because it is similar to other gear diffs on the market. Whereas the front spool diff is made up of several different parts, and adopts the same installation method such as BD8 2018, XRAY T4 2018 etc. which fixes the spool outdrives in the housing and is fixed in place with screws.

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Then we will install the motor mount and the front & rear bulk, you can see there is a tool attached so that the bulkhead will not be deformed when assembling this kit (it is a square plate on the right hand side of the photo below)

o0800045014232023310 o0800045014232025235

Place it on the bulk and attach it to the chassis (please remove it after installing) o0800045014232022557

Turning the chassis around lets you see further how the bulkheads fit in the cutouts of the chassis. o0800045014232025888

This is will not deform easily! (^ ^)!

Then the center pulley assembly and upper deck were installed, note that there is also a characteristic notch behind the upper.


The middle screw in the topdeck was not installed to let the chassis flex a bit more! (^ ^)!

And now we are assembling up to this point.



o1080060714232464741Assembly of the steering rack!



Beginning of installing the servo to the chassis


The servo mount included is a floating type found commonly in touring cars nowadays. With the selection of floating steering rack or chassis mounted as well!



Here you can see the steering knuckle plate is separate from the knuckle itself.


The knuckle plate is secured in place with a screw.



The universals come pre-assembled, which makes things easy.



Steering and suspension installation complete.


Damper assembly laid out.


Adding some grease to the o-rings for a longer lasting seal.


The process of bleeding the air out of the shocks have been skipped. Make sure each shock is the same length, 11mm distance between the lower cap and ball end was chosen. o0800045014233015232

Four shocks successfully built.

o0800045014233015122 o0800045014233015172

Here we can see the completed chassis, the assembly of the bumper was excluded due to the simplicity.