A bunch of my friends are planning on running this car at our track bone stock, no modification, 13.5T blinky, so I decided to go to my LHS to check out the car to see if i should buy yet another car, but after hearing how much it costs i whipped out my wallet without thinking and brought it back home with me. Built the car in a few hours and took it to the track the next day. Bone stock the car handled pretty well, after 2-3 packs I was able to work out most of the kinks with the car and I was able to lay down some fast laps. Our track was pretty technical with a long straight. During the in fields I can keep up with 13.5T boosted and modified cars, I only loose out during the back straight. Im pretty happy with it the purchase. Some comments when building the kit:
  • You should really look into building the car with an electric screwdriver, driving the screws by hand into hard composite plastic is no fun at all.
  • The rear toe is not adjustable with the plastic suspension mounts, you should take your time when building the suspension parts to make sure the left and right toe are even.
  • Being a plastic car, make sure all pieces fit nice and straight and doesnt bind.
  • Also the car being mostly plastic, there is a lot of flex with the steering servo mount
  • Theres a lot of slop on the front C hub, but dont spend too much time in perfecting it.
  • Despite the shock bodies being plastic, they work pretty well and stayed smooth throughout. They didnt leak either.
  • The turnbuckle links are¬†difficult to put together and adjust. The are on so tight whenever you adjust the link, they just pop out of the balls. I suggest to tap it out a little just so they a bit easier to turn.
  • The setup gauges included in the kit was a good idea
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