The Xpress Team UK recently got their hands on our Execute XQ2S and wasted no time and put it together and reviews the kit. This is what they had to say and found whilst building the kit:

This is my 5th kit I have built from Xpress and my plans is to test this kit against top end chassis ranging in price up to £600 mark in 17.5t blinky class, then when nationals start it will be my wet car alongside my Xq10 in 13.5t blinky. Opening the box you find all the parts in bags marked in steps which helps you sort them out in order to speed up the build (as we all just want to get our cars on track asap). The build is like most others car goes together nice with very light fettling so in this review I will stick to the improvements over Xq1s chassis and any extras I used and not all are ones I would say you need to fit. 

  • Turnbuckles the worse part of all build but were an improvement (one of many) over the Xq1s as the ball cups now the open ended type Xpress started using with on xq1 and these just go together so much easier, no need to use grease to help cut the thread.
  • The motor mount is the next improvement going along the build mainly the front mount as now have multiple holes for chassis flex adjustment nice little upgrade. 
  • The top deck this is more adjustable with chassis stiffeners added to the front in form of a moveable brace first seen on the Ft1. On the rear the bearing or upper deck collar that goes on the top of the motor mount post seen on the Xq10  v2 top deck. This makes for a lot of chassis flex options over just single motor mount post screw on the Xq1s. 
  • The next improvement comes after installing the diff and spool in form of the upper bulkheads made so spool clears bulkhead in ran in high position and also in the option of two inner camber link ball stud mounting positions so you can run short or long links. 
  • For the suspension: first off, it’s the upgraded ones with the 3mm not 2.3mm thick outer hinge pins for less wear and less movement .  Also, there are the new body support system fitted to the new c hubs a great addition makes a big difference lets u run shell lower with out it grounding out and also stops the tyres binding on the arches on up travel.  I did find with some of the new shell I had to run the supports close the wheel as did not clear new low profile box arches. When running it like his it just touches the grub screw hole (small trim with file needed) on full lock and had the run the bars pointing backwards to clear the tyre
  • The biggest improvement of the car over Xq1s the shocks and towers. The Xq2s runs low profile shock towers and plastic bodied Xq10 shocks (easily up graded to full Xq10 just by buying Xq10 alloy shock bodies) the shock built just as good as the Xq10 ones with supplied 450cst oil. This also means the option to run a wider range of springs now being big bore short shocks. 
  • Another good update sprung loaded battery bars no ned to keep buying tape and no need for tools too release tighten the bars when adjusted to your battery these are a dream no rush if you forgot to install your battery and need to fit new tape, just in with the battery and click them over.
  • The bumper is last on the updates which has come off the Xq10 and is a lower bumper foam to fit under the ever-lowering front end of todays shells with less cutting.

The extras I fitted were:

  • Alloy hex, as these clamps which just aids with not having the hex pin fall out as the plastic ones just slide over. 
  • Double jointed front drive shafts (will need 5x10x3 inner bearing) as just smooths out the front. 
  • Anti Roll Bars as I think these are a must for all tc cars if competing and not a costly upgrade and end up with full set of bars for more adjustment. 

So my impression of the Xq2s over the Xq1s is they have improved the platform loads taking tuning options off all their kits that have come out between xQ1s to Xq2s release and also adding even more adjustment with new parts e.g. body support system and battery bars which I will be fitting to my Xq10 chassis. This should be a great kit for kids, new drivers or drivers on a budget getting into the sport but want a lot of adjustments for a low price. When lock down is over I can give this car some harsh driving and push it hard and report back? 

"impressive kit for the price"

new sprung loaded battery bars a joy if in a rush

new flex options front and rear of the top deck

new upper bulkheads with more upper link positions

new plastic short body shocks and body support (fitted other side to clear body)

more flex adjustment on motor mount

Thanks to Steve head of Xpress Team Uk and for the kit 

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