Always a pleasure when a customer builds one up one of our Sports Series cars and has a blast of a time with it. Check out this little review by Aaron Roshong:

Last week, this car was still in the box, after $$$, lots of wrenching, he went together easily and made its first USGT start Sunday. 

0 problems, other than a loose set of bullets to the battery pack, the car ran like a beast!

I never ran anything this fast on a road course (coming up from production TT-02, and primarily a dirt oval racer). First round was solid and kept it in the game for that rounds leaders. 

Second round, battery issues, missed the start but came back in after fixing. Hammer down and just proceeded to have fun pushing this car hard. 

The main, dialed up the gearing, but on the start of lap 2, made a risky move to jump from 4th to 2nd, as 2nd and 3rd wrecked. 2nd place bounced off the wall into me, putting me on my roof. 

Charged hard to make up nearly a lost lap from that, got within 2seconds (12-14 second lap times) of 3rd place. 

I have never felt more comfortable wheeling a car as I was with this beast. The only thing holding me back, is learning to put a better setup under it, and not having so much fun charging into turns and smashing the throttle. 

Wow! I did not expect this car, or on road racing to be this much fun. 

If you are on the sidelines, wondering how to get in the game due to the high cost, pick up an Xpress chassis and go race. 

Driving this car helped me to really figure out how hard I could push my TT02 as well. more track time is always better!