Thanks to our Hong Kong distributor for hosting the second round of the Xpress Race Cup 2018. We had decent turn out despite the unstable weather. But with the help of everyone the race was completed successfully in a recent time frame! FDSC06254 _MG_9807 DSC05984 DSC05988 For this round, our 40X Competition Wheelset was selected to be the control tire.DSC05993 Some late entries, but all are welcome!DSC05997 When we got to the track, it was not looking good.DSC05998 DSC06016 As we dried the track, some extra grip was sprayed on for more fun!DSC06020 Scrutineering was strict throughout the day to make sure everyone was in a fair race.DSC06043 DSC06044 DSC06058 Some action shots of the day's proceedings.DSC06097 Doesn't matter if you drove a Xpress or not, everyone was subject to the strict battery measuring.DSC06131 Racers made sure their cars were up to weight before being allowed to race. DSC06135 DSC06211 Some contestants from the highly contested 17.5t Blinky GT class.DSC06266 Fast cars from the modified class. DSC06441 Congratulations to CY Leung for taking both the top qualifer spot and race win!DSC06444 Podium finishers and race winner Simon Yeung of the Modified class.DSC06443 B Main Modified Podium photo (And prospect Xpress driver!)DSC06442 Super Stock 13.5t podium photo, Congratulations to Ian Leee (Xpress Factory Driver) for scoring the TQ and Race win! Setups:

CY Leung: 17.5t Blinky GT TQ A1 Ian Lee: 13.5t Superstock TQ A1

Class Standings after 2 rounds