Xpress Race Cup 2018 has been completed successfully in Taiwan with the winners in each category decided. The race was organized by Wan Ban Hobby (Taiwan) and rcMart (Hong Kong). The race saw many teams/racers gather together to compete for the winner of Race Cup 2018, including Taiwan Team and Xpress Team (Keith Chui Chau Man). Let's check out this exciting competition now! Xpress Team Racer 'Keith' 'Chau man' were preparing their cars before the start of the race. Xpress Race Cup 2018 21Xpress Race Cup 2018 1Xpress Race Cup 2018 6Xpress Race Cup 2018 18 Result Xpress Team Chau Man ended up 8th in the A Main. Xpress Race Cup 2018 19 Xpress Team Racer 'Keith' got third place in the B group. Xpress Race Cup 2018 5Xpress Race Cup 2018 4Xpress Race Cup 2018 16Xpress Race Cup 2018 7Xpress Race Cup 2018 8

The boys unfortunatley could not get any practice in due to the bad weather the day prior.

After the competition, there was a lucky draw section of Xpress XQ1S. Three lucky guys got the prizes from rcMart-Phy. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! Xpress Race Cup 2018 2Xpress Race Cup 2018 10Xpress Race Cup 2018 17 Xpress Race Cup 2018 12 Wish all you guys have a wonderful time at the Xpress Race Cup 2018 Taiwan Round! See you all next time!