Recently, the team set out to a local track called PYC to test out all our economical version of our cars: The XQ1S and XM1S to get a better understanding of handling characteristics and obtain a basic setup. PYC was chosen due to the neutral track conditions and thus setups will work in most areas



The team was hard at work all day at the track.



Shot of our Execute XQ1S, silver hexes are prototype versions of our already released 4.25mm narrow hexes. 43037181_2201038133253514_793177809852825600_n

Massive pinion and very small spur gear used for blinky GT class testing.IMG_20181003_123712_1 Track temperatures reached 55 degrees celcius, perfect for testing our cars in harsh conditions.IMG_20181003_174237 Due to the hot track temps, we tested a carbon top deck (Taken from our XQ1) to see if it would help combat the high temps. Turned out, it worked very well.IMG_20181003_153923 We put the car in it's stock form to test right at the start, with our 40X V2 competition wheelset to simulate racing conditions.IMG_20181003_174227 Different springs and graphite top deck was changed from the stock and we called it a day!




Execute XM1S


Execute XQ1S