1 2 An example of the finished car kit.3 4 5 The car box allows you to fully fit the carkit inside.6 Some left over parts: servo saver and some ballcups.7 The shocks are also un-assembled and inside this bag somewhere. 8 Here we can see the manual and the cover. 9 The other side of the manual.10 Different versions of the Xpress roadrunner.11 12 Without high end 3D programs, it was easier to photo the steps.13 Take a look at the difference between the logo from back then. 14 15 C-hub less design requires a strengthening turnbuckle. 16 17 Take a look at how universals looked back then.18 Rear upright with multiple camberlink length choices. 19 20 21 22 23 24 A look at the center pulley system, which fundamentally is not much different to the ones nowadays.25 Red spur matches nicely with the Xpress logo!26