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Xpress Pro Mike Swauger edition review

01 Sep Xpress Pro Mike Swauger edition review
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Xpress Pro Mike Swauger edition review by

Date: 10/31/2000


A few years ago, Xpress came out with their first Sedan. If I remember right, a month or so after the car came out, it dominated it’s first big race at Revelation’s in LA. I remember everyone was amazed with the car and for a while it was the hottest car around. Xpress can come a ways since their first sedan, let’s check out what the newest one has for us! ;)

DAY 1 (assembly): I opened up the box to find a car that was already 90% assembled!!! All I had to do the get the car ready to run was build the shocks, and install the electronics. I called Mr. Xpress himself (Mike Swauger) and got the setup from him. The first thing I was to do was take the sway bars off front and rear, he said that he only uses them on carpet. Second thing was change the shock positions, that’s easy enough eh? Mike said since the car comes with Diff’s (instead of one-ways’), you should set the car up a little stiffer. I decided to go with the 3 hole pistons with 60wt in the front and 50wt in the rear, and Yokomo Orange springs all the way around. According to Mike, if you are to run one-ways, run the 3 hold pistons with 40wt in the front and 30wt in the rear with Picco’s short baby blues in the front and the Yokomo TC Yellows in the rear. 





After the shocks were done I started on the electronics. My test equipment was:

LRP V7.1 ESCKO Propo KR-297FZ receiver (comes with the Mars)KO Propo Mars 97R RadioAirtronics 94157 Steering ServoOrion TOP Chrome 9×2



Installing the electronics was no problem. The only thing that I had to do was file down the top plate just a hair because the Airtronics servo was a little too big to fit in the slot.

Setting the Xpress up is SUPER easy with the threaded shocks and set-screw down stops. To start off, Mike said to run about 4.5mm of ride height front and rear, with about 2mm of down travel and 1mm in the front. I set the camber to -1 degree all the way around, set the tweak, and I was ready to hit the track! 

The Assembly of the Xpress was extremely painless! During the setup of the car, I noticed that the Pre Built Diff’s were as smooth as glass and adjusted PERFECTLY! All the arms dropped freely with a practically no slop anywhere in the car. 

DAY 2 (at the track): Mike and headed up to Speedworld Raceway to run the car during the week. I charged a few packs, threw on Yokomo’s 138G, and headed out on the track. After getting the steering straight etc etc. I took a few slow laps just to kinda get used to it. One thing that I could see was the EXTREMELY free driver train, the car had FLAT OUT horseys! For the first battery on the track I was very impressed, the rear end was lacking a little traction coming out of corners. I moved the rear camber link on the shock tower to the lowest hole, threw in another pack and the car was dialed.. The car has quite a bit of steering but the rear end stays planted, it’s also very stable under breaking. Even if you are entering a turn a little hot, the car will stay straight if you lightly tap the brakes. 

All in all, the Xpress pro is Cheep (around $220.00), 90% pre built, and can be competitive with VERY few hop ups. Looking at Swaugers car, some other small hop-ups include a Kimbrough 96T 48pitch Spur gear, Tamiya white Servo Saver, and the Springs. The Only thing that I could see which required any modifying was the top plate for the Servo (which you only have to do for Airtronics servo’s may I add). 

Feel Free to Mail Me if you have any question!

Special Thanks Mike Swauger for all the help with the car, Mr. & Mrs. Mok for the Xpress Pro Kit, and Billy Bowerman from Speedworld for letting us run the car there! THANKS again to you all from!! =) 

Date: 10/31/2000







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