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Xpress RC has been dormant since the late 1990’s when their “Kei Car” which dissolved into a classic vehicle. Now, just released, Xpress RC has re-released the famous K1 chassis, or also called the Kei Car. The K1 chassis is a mid- motor, rear-wheel drive on-road car that has options to be set up as a touring car or a drift vehicle. This KIT is a builder’s dream kit because it’s riddled with Carbon Fiber, Anodized Aluminum and will take standard 1/10th scale electronics. Now, the scale of this Chassis is undetermined, but it is clearly 50% smaller than a standard 1/10th scale touring/drift car. The K1 chassis has somewhat of a comical or funny selection of bodies with options including a shortened VW bus! The Xpress K1 chassis is a kit and will need assembly, electronics, body, wheels and tires to complete.



Getting ready to build the rcxpress K1 chassis

Building shocks on the Xpress K1. Fun little build!

chassis is done! Now ready for some electronics

Getting ready to install electrics! Fun little build!

Quick compare between the @rcxpress K1 chassis vs a standard sized 1/10th drift car

Photos & Content Credit : TheRCNetwork @ 2016.09.19