In the never stopping world of R/C, we here at Xpress wish to bring to everyone the best possible product. So between where we released some prototype images of the car till now, the development team have brought several upgrades to the Xpresso K1!


2 For the steering, we moved the steering links back behind the wheel axle line, by doing this it allowed us to improve the steering geometry and made room in the front to run a larger range of bodies!10 Another added benefit of moving the steering linkage to a more backwards position added the possibility of making room to install a anti-roll bar setup without hindering with the front bumper. With further testing, we found that due to the nature of the bodies that this car will run, the center of gravity was too high. Without anti-roll bars, the car was prone to rolling over, so a solution was needed to deal with this.3 4 The suspension geometry has been tweaked and redesigned to allow for easier adjustment. The original design of the top link was deemed too difficult to set by the design team, so this resulted in a re-designed top camberlink. 5 The shock body previously presented was too thick and restricted shock angle adjustments, so this redesigned shock body has been slimmed down from the previous version. 7 8 The rear end was largely kept the same besides the addition of an anti rollbar mount, with the front suspension components being moved to the rear as it made the suspension easier to adjust. 9