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After 4 hours of assembly and some owner's manual dissecting, I was able to get the Xpresso K1 Chassis built! From about 3:30 to 10:00, I go over specific owners manual items and my solutions to those issues.

The Xpress K1 Chassis incorporates a small 170mm wheelbase touring/drift chassis that uses Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and good quality components to allow for traditional 1/10th scale electronics. Combine the small chassis and some comically small bodies and wheels and you have a kit you can build and have fun with!


Some info from Xpress:

  • Fully Adjustable Upper Suspension Arms, adjustable camber and caster without changing parts.
  • Servo Mount integrated into the front bulkhead, resulting in the mass concentrated near the center of the chassis providing excellent balance C-Hub less design means less parts to keep and able to achieve a large enough steering angle for RWD drifting.
  • 1/10 Touring Car Sized Differentials, providing excellent on-power grip and consistent acceleration.
  • Carbon Fiber Lower Arms, provides the perfect balance between lightweight and strength.
  • Parallel Topdeck for high on-power grip towards the rear wheels.
  • One piece motor mount and rear bulkhead, reducing the flex caused by high powered brushless motors and LiPo battery. Which in turn will increase the on power grip generated by the chassis.
  • Adjustable battery mount for both regular and shorty packs.
  • Carbon Fiber Gyro Mount near the rear for controlled RWD drifting.
  • 116T 64p Spur included, a 50T 64p Pinion for On-Road Racing and a 22t 64p Pinion for Drifting is recommended when using a 13.5t Motor in blinky (0 timing and turbo) ESC mode. 

Chassis Detail:

  • Chassis Type: 1/10 K-Car
  • Width: 150mm
  • Length: 245mm
  • Wheelbase: 170mm
  • Xpresso K1 1/10 K Car MR 2WD Chassis Kit (1 pc)
  • Xpress 116T 64p Spur Gear (1 pc)



  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
  • Low profile steering servo for 1/10
  • 540 Sized Motor Pinion gear
  • Battery pack (Shorty or Regular) ESC
  • Body
  • Wheels, Tires and Inserts



To get the Yeah Racing HackGear Low Profile Servo click here:

Xpresso K1 Installation VideoClick here :



Comment from RC Xpress:

2016.09.20  -  Sorry guys for the unclear K1 manual.  We are improving it. We will upload the revised version manual  very soon