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20 Apr Desman's Execute FT1S @ TRC CNY FWD Cup
admin 0 2409
Desman, our development driver took his Execute FT1S out to race against the best at the recently he..
21 Dec Xpress Driver Ivy Xie at Chinese Nationals
admin 0 981
Our young driver Ivy Xie's chassis used at the recent Chinese Nationals!   Driver Focus : 謝楓螢Countr..
05 Oct Xpress Team Plastic Fantastic Testing @ PYC
admin 0 893
Recently, the team set out to a local track called PYC to test out all our economical version of our..
28 Sep Xpress XM1S at Japan Hobby Show
admin 0 1158
Thanks our Japan Distributor - Powers International - brings our Xpress XM1S to the Japan Hobby Show..
22 Sep Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962
admin 0 1202
Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962 which was first released at Feb, 1996 Photo Cre..
20 Aug RC Magazine showcasing our Execute XQ1 and XQ1S
admin 0 654
We would like to thank RC Magazine for interviewing us and showcasing both our Execute XQ1 and XQ1S...
25 Jul Ivy Xie joins Xpress
admin 0 894
We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Ivy Xie 謝楓瑩; an upcoming junior driver into our Xpres..
25 Jul Xpresso K1 in Taiwan
admin 0 1054
Compact Design for Big Fun! Here is the Xpresso K1 by our customer in Taiwan. Xpress K1 Owner:..
15 Apr Thanks all Xpresso M1 fans
admin 0 958
YMT Track, A new RC track in our hometown that built and run by the Government & it opens to public ..
29 Mar Xpress K1 & M1 in YMT
admin 0 1081
YMT Track, A new RC track in our hometown that built and run by Hong Kong Government & it opens to p..
21 Nov Team Xpress Execute XQ1 JV Fun Night
admin 0 712
We recently held a Xpress fun night at Jordan Valley R/C Track situated in Hong Kong. A world cl..
24 Aug Xpresso M1 Drift in Action
admin 0 931
Our Xpresso M1 in action drifting with full sized 1/10 Drift Chassis's! Used were our very own Xpres..
31 Mar Xpresso M1 Test &Tune Day at TSW Track
admin 0 623
We held a Test and Tune Day for RC Xpress's Xpresso M1 M-Chassis, we had a decent turn out despite t..
18 Oct Xpress K+M Chassis Fun Day
admin 0 655
Xpress K+M Chassis Fun Day Date : Oct 16, 2016 Location : TSW RC Track ..
20 Aug Xpresso K1 Designer Interview
admin 0 685
rcMart 好高興邀請到 Xpress 既設計師 WingWing 做專訪!由設計師深入講解全球第一架遙控K車! 麻雀需小五臟俱全,車架雖然細,但係全使用正規 1/10 電子裝備!密切留意rcM..
15 Mar REDRC: Xpress brand to make a return
admin 0 661
Back in the day when electric touring cars had slotted chassis for NiCD cells and drivetrains with ..
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