Execute XQ3S | Newest Sport RC Touring Car

Economical touring car, the XQ3S with design elements from the race proven Execute XQ11! With adjustable suspension and steering to better prepare newcomers to the on-road touring car scene for the different type of setup changes you can make. Easy to setup and measure suspension adjustments through carefully constructed suspension components.

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新舊比拼 (中文字幕)

大師兄秋文和排骨仔 Eric 將會和我們比較一下最新的 Execute XQ3S 和 Execute XQ2S!大家坐定定,慢慢睇!

新車比較 (中文字幕)

大師兄秋文和排骨仔 Eric 將會和我們比較一下最新的 Execute XQ3S 和 Execute XQ11!大家坐定定,慢慢睇!

新車介紹 (中文字幕)

大師兄秋文和排骨仔 Eric 將會和我們介紹一下最新的 Sport 版房車 - Execute XQ3S!唔好錯過!


Sit down with Keith, and enjoy this awesome introduction!

In Action

Look at its amazing performance in running and cornering!

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Reinforced suspension arm with easy camber adjustment
Top and bottom suspension with easy camber adjustment. Reinforced soft composite arm provide great durability while maintain a balance between strength and weight.

Adjustable top deck
Adjust the flex of the deck with inserts, changing the stiffness to best suit your style. 2.0mm Fibre-reinforced polymer structure giving you the perfect combination of strength, weight and resistance.

Easy adjust caster
Adjustable through moving camberlink mounts in two different position. All you need is to remove the screws, adjust it with ease and speed.

Low profile bulkhead
Not just having lower center of gravity, but also closer to the middle for faster reaction time. Composite structure provide great balance between strength and weight

Height adjustable body stops
New shape with adjustable height. Prevent scraping when cornering to provide consistent performanc

Low profile lightweight bumper
Direct weight improvement and redesigned shape for more car shell compatibility

Horizontal body post
Horizontal rear body mount for more stable handling

Redesigned wheel hexes
Increased cornering stability, with great strength and durability from the aluminum structure


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Execute XQ3S, our newest sport touring car is right around the corner!
Building upon a successful platform combined with new design features. Reinforced arms, adjustment facilitation and so much more!
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