HKRCSA | Xpress Japanese Drivers Compete in HKRCSA

The first round of the HKRCSA Cup Race 2023 will be held on May 28. The competitions include 1/10 Touring Car 5-minute Modify and 1/10 Touring Car 5-minute Blinky mode.

In addition to the Hong Kong RC driver, two Xpress drivers from Japan are going to compete as well! They are Yugo Nagashima and Masaya Okazaki respectively. They will compete with a group of drivers and exchange experience and knowledge on RC cars!

Xpress Factory Team Japanese Drivers:

Yugo Nagashima

This 27-year-old driver brings a wealth of racing experience and knowledge to Xpress. Nagashima is a regular in Touring Car Class A in Japan and has won many major competitions in Japan and abroad, including the Nationals in Japan, Canada and Australia, the Snowbirds in the United States, the U.S. Indoor Champs and the Asian Onroad Championships.

Masaya Okazaki

Young Masaya is an upcoming talent who is based in Japan and has finished strongly in events all across Japan!

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