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22 Mar Xpress XQ1 Gear Differential Build by Fábio Ramos
admin 0 562
Xpress XQ1 Gear Differential Build by Fábio Ramos ..
20 Sep Execute XQ1 3D Assembly Instructions
admin 0 450
We put together a series of 3D assembly instructions for some tricky parts which may be hard to inte..
24 Aug Xpress Execute XQ1 Build Vlog
admin 0 473
Our Xpress Execute XQ1 is due for release soon, we are compiling a build Vlog as a preview and also ..
03 Mar Xpresso K1 M1 Steering Knuckle Set up for Drifting & Touring
admin 0 1081
Easy Transition between Grip Racing & Drifting! The steering Knuckle and steering angle design ..
03 Oct Xpresso K1 User Instruction Manual updated
admin 0 516
Revised version of Xpresso K1 instruction manual is up! We will keep updating the manual to make it ..
27 Sep Xpresso K1 Gearing Compatibility Chart
admin 0 2397
Here are all possibilities of gearing with our Xpresso K1! To put it simply, if your pinion size+ sp..
21 Sep Xpresso K1 K-Chassis Build Guide
admin 0 692
Xpress Xpresso-K1 Build Guide Written by : KK Chung @ 2016.09.01 (Translated by Xpress)Source: http..
14 Sep Xpresso K1 instruction Videos is now online
admin 0 398
Xpresso K1 instruction Videos is now on-line ..
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