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05 Apr Xpress Execute XQ3S Build Review by Johannes Weber
admin 0 1147
Johannes is back at it again with a super in-depth review of our recently released sports touring ca..
20 Oct Execute XQ11 SRC 試車/組裝片段
admin 0 1900
SRC場主拍左兩條關於 Execute XQ11 的影片, 分別由組裝tips同埋試車!SRC場主佳男紀錄左砌XQ11過程, 仲加入左D tips比大家! 砌好車就緊係去試車, 佳男帶埋另外兩部XQ1..
17 Oct Eric's Top Rated Execute XQ11 Option Part
admin 0 648
With the release of our Execute XQ11, Eric shares with us the first option part he recommends upgrad..
29 Sep Execute XQ11 Build Review By Johannes Weber
admin 0 1815
Johannes Weber recently received his Execute XQ11 and took no time to get it built and also managed ..
01 Jun Xpress Execute XQ2S Review by Aaron Roshong
admin 0 560
Always a pleasure when a customer builds one up one of our Sports Series cars and has a blast of a t..
08 Dec Arrow AT1S Build Log By Mark Raddenbury!
admin 0 2368
Mark Raddenbury, a familiar name of everything Xpress in the UK has taken the time to record down hi..
11 Aug Arrow AT1 Build Log by Johannes Weber
admin 0 1926
Another beautifully written build log of the Arrow AT1, this time hailing all the way from Germany: ..
08 Aug Mark Raddenbury's Arrow AT1 Build Review
admin 0 1510
Mark Raddenbury, was one of the first few people who received their Arrow AT1. He wasted no time and..
11 Feb Execute FT1S Long Time Running Review by Cosimo Marotta
admin 0 1958
Cosimo Marotta, a rc racer who left rc racing 20 years ago recently picked up one of our Execute FT1..
31 Jan Xpress XQ2S FWD Conversion review by Johannes Weber
admin 0 2473
Johannes Weber (@jwe_rc_racing)  recently bought our Execute XQ2S #90032 and upgraded it into a mid ..
02 Mar Felix Law Execute XQ2S Unboxed and Build Tips!
admin 0 2669
Our Team Driver over in the US: Felix Law recently received his Execute XQ2S and unboxed it and shar..
23 Feb Cory Parsons's Fseara Race Winning Execute XQ2S
admin 0 2615
We would like to congratulate Cory Parsons for taking the win in the Super Stock Class at the recent..
25 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S Build Tips with Xpress Team UK
admin 0 3467
The Xpress Team UK recently got their hands on our Execute XQ2S and wasted no time and put it togeth..
22 Jan Felix Law's Race Ready Execute XQ2S
admin 0 3112
Toady we take a look at Felix's Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 he used to finish on the 3rd step of the podi..
13 Jan Xpress FT1S 2020 RECAP Review, Optional Parts Check, 4WD vs FWD
admin 0 1566
Felix Law @2021.01.12 Here is a RECAP Review of the $400 & under RC chassis. Well, in 2020 due to p..
12 Jan Xpress XQ10 2020 RECAP Review & Optional Parts Check
admin 0 1278
By Felix Law @ 2021.01.08 Here is a RECAP Review of the $400 & under RC chassis. Well, in 2020 due ..
04 Jun Japan RC Magazine introduces our Xpress XQ10
danny 0 1989
ラジコンマガジン(RCmagazine)for featuring our Xpress XQ10 at July, 2020 issueXpress Execute XQ10 1/10 Compet..
02 Dec Xpress Execute FT1S In Detail!
admin 0 5843
With the imminent release of our Execute FT1S, we built one up to take photos and show you what you ..
21 Dec Japan RC Magazine featuring XM1S
admin 0 1631
Thanks to ラジコンマガジン(RCmagazine)for featuring our XM1S and offering some build tips! ..
01 Nov Richard's First Race with Execute XQ1
admin 0 1112
Richard, Team Xpress UK's newest addition to their team recently took his freshly built XQ1 out fo..
27 Sep Xpress Execute Cars Club Racer Review
admin 0 1862
Source & Credit:  Nerobro Original Post:   ..
26 Sep Xpress XM1S Race Report by
admin 0 2036
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) ..
26 Aug Xpress Execute Sport Mini XM1S Test Drive
admin 0 2051
All we can enjoy the fun of quality M-Chassis RC Car at affordable price! Introducing our upcoming X..
27 Jul Xpress Execute XQ1S Build by Tam Tam Hobby
admin 0 1551
Detail build by our Japan Dealer Tam Tam, they run through every bit and give some useful tips whe..
28 Jun Mark Raddenbury Execute XQ1 Testing
admin 0 1484
Xpress Team UK Driver: Mark Raddenbury got busy with some both outdoor and indoor testing. He is b..
31 May Xpress Execute XQ1S Interview with Rc-Evo
admin 0 1476
Rc-Evo 論壇壇主想跟我們進一步了解XQ1S 這個車架, 我們當然派出 "橋底膠車王" 飛仔親自介紹! 第一part: 第二part: ..
18 May Xpress Execute XQ1S build review by Disaster999
admin 0 2972
A bunch of my friends are planning on running this car at our track bone stock, no modification, 13...
17 May Olive RC Presents: Execute XQ1S Drift!
admin 0 2216
Olive RC recently received our Execute XQ1S, and being the magician with rc cars that he is, he tu..
16 May Mark Raddenbury's Execute XQ1 First Impressions
admin 0 1183
I don't think I could be any more impressed with the RC Xpress XQ1 than I already am! From the build..
27 Apr Xpress XQ1S unbox
admin 0 2260
Our Hong Kong distributor has showed an unboxing of our XQ1S Sport Touring Chassis! This..
25 Apr Xpress XQ1S Launched
admin 0 1302
Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S is launched!  Some of our dealers have received the car kits!     Manual ..
06 Apr Vintage Xpress MRR2
admin 0 2268
Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2) 1:10 4WD M-Chassis RC Car got reviewed by a UK RC Magazine..
27 Mar Xpress XQ1 Reviewed by Fábio Ramos
admin 0 1313
Here I am to make a small review of my yet short experience with the car. After build this car, ..
16 Oct Xpress XQ1 TC Reviewed by Lobo
admin 0 1390
/>   Review by : Lobo 玩咗XQ1幾個月,想來一個暫結。 這部車的車架比較硬而搖臂軟,我個人認為是較適合一些夠大和高抓地力場地。如在夠細的和抓地力一般時,就要在設定上(就一就)。..
06 Oct Xpress Xpresso K1 Build and Review
admin 0 1658
  Find more about the Xpress Xpresso K1 !..
27 Sep The Tiny Car Invasion
admin 0 1563
Xpresso K1 Drift/Touring ChassisXpress RC has been dormant since the late 1990’s when their “Kei Car..
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