With the release of our Execute FM1S, we thought to run through some of the important points on our FWD M-Chassis Car!

By moving the motor to a more central location, the center of gravity is towards the center and gives a far more neutral handing car!

Running a full size 1/10 touring car differential allows more oil to be filled for more consistent handling throughout the run. Included in the kit is 1million Cst oil, users can also elect to fill it with putty.

Featuring two belt tensioners to reduce belt skipping to a minimum when running on high traction tracks!

Extending our slotted chassis plate design to the motor mount will make aligning and building a flat chassis easier than before!

Roll bars are included for users to build this car kit out of the box and go racing! Roll bars help the car to sit flat throughout the corner, which prevents a more predictable car!

We've made use of the room in the front bumper to allow for users to install a brass weight into the bumper area for shifting weight towards the front for low grip tracks.