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15 Nov Arrow AM1S 1/10 Mini Sports 4WD Shaft Drive Touring Car
admin 0 1227
As per Xpress tradtion, we are "sportsifying" our Arrow AM1 into a budget friendly chassis kit suita..
10 Oct Execute XQ11 Optional Upgrade Parts
admin 0 1657
With the release of our Execute XQ11, we have also released some optional parts for you to further t..
29 Aug Xpress Execute XQ11 - Execute Series Generation II
admin 0 3349
With our last generation touring car the XQ10 being around for some time, we'd thought to release a ..
13 Jul Execute XQ2S Mid Motor Conversion Kit
admin 0 2794
Want to further improve on your Execute XQ2S sports touring car? We have released a Mid Motor Club R..
XPRESS | Arrow AM1 1/10 Mini Competition 4WD Shaft Drive Touring CarWhat’s so special about this Arr..
05 Jun Preview: 1/10 Small Shaft Car
admin 0 4080
Short preview of what's hitting shelves at the end of June, more will be released these coming days!..
08 Apr Arrow AT1 Graphite Propeller Shaft
admin 0 822
Graphite Propeller Shaft for your Arrow AT1? Why do you need a Graphite Propeller Shaft for your AT1..
30 Dec Execute MF1 Mid Mount FWD 1/10 Touring Car
admin 0 2048
Introducing our Execute MF1 #XP-90039, a completely overhauled mid mount FWD touring car featuring s..
19 Dec Xpress Arrow AT1S Execute XQ2S Comparison (Chinese)
admin 0 1375
Eric and Chauman go over the differences of the Arrow AT1S and Execute XQ2S so you can decide which ..
23 Nov Arrow AT1S 1/10 Sports Shaft Driven Touring Car
admin 0 2846
The Arrow AT1S #XP-90035 takes the best from the Execute series of touring cars and incorporates it ..
01 Sep Down Stop and Ride Height Gauge Setup Tools!
admin 0 1156
We have released a full range of gauges for measuring both downstop and rideheight on your 1/10 on r..
18 Aug Graphite Floating Electronics Servo Mount Explained!
admin 0 1677
With the release of our Floating Servo and Electronics Tray, we also made some videos explaining the..
22 Jun Aluminum 7075 Shock Assembly Multi Tool
admin 0 1578
To make shock building easier, we have released the Aluminum 7075 Shock Assembly Multi Tool #XP-4020..
26 May Arrow AT1 1/10 Competition Shaft Drive Touring Car Kit
admin 0 7280
A new series of shaft driven 1/10 touring cars, the Arrow series takes the best from the Execute ser..
27 Jan Xpress Tool Stand for Lightweight Driver Series
admin 0 1796
We have released a Aluminum Multi-function Tool Stand #XP-40204 for use in conjunction with out Ligh..
17 Dec Xpress Execute XQ10R; Upgraded XQ10 for 2022!
admin 0 5941
As we head into 2022, we thought we would update our already race proven Execute XQ10 with some upgr..
07 Dec Xpress Dragnalo DR1S Upgrade Parts
admin 0 3252
Some upgrade parts for the Dragnalo DR1S have been released! Featuring some graphite and a aluminum ..
06 Dec V3 Pre-Glued Wheelset for 1/10 Mini
admin 0 1195
We are up to the third iteration of our mini 1/10 touring wheelsets. We have collected the feedback ..
05 Oct Felix Law Introduces the Dragnalo DR1S
admin 0 1920
Our US sales representative over in the US recently got his hands on our recently released Dragnalo ..
27 Aug Xpress 7075 Aluminum Lightweight Handle Tool Drivers
admin 0 2892
To complete our Xpress RC experience, we have introduced a full tool range featuring tools which you..
17 Jun Execute FM1S Aluminum Chassis: More Stability and Consistency!
admin 0 2445
We have released an 2.0 Aluminum Chassis #XP-10902 for our Execute FM1S! Aluminum chassis gives you ..
10 Feb Execute XQ2S Mid Mount FWD Conversion Kit
admin 0 3252
After the release of our Execute XQ2S, we introduce our Mid Mount FWD Conversion Kit #XP-10829 for i..
05 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 Unboxed
admin 0 1934
Keith unboxed our upcoming Execute XQ2S showing you what to expect when you received your's! As per ..
06 Jul Xpress XQ1S Videos by Masaya Okazaki, Japan
admin 0 2382
Masaya Okazaki, our Xpress On-Road Factory Team in Japan! He is an upcoming talent who is based in J..
15 Mar Xpress XQ10 Videos by Masaya Okazaki, Japan
admin 0 2689
Masaya Okazaki, our Xpress On-Road Factory Team in Japan! He is an upcoming talent who is based in J..
02 Dec Aluminum Chassis for Execute XQ1 Mid Conversion Kit
admin 0 1667
Here we will show you a prototype of the upcoming aluminum chassis for our XQ1 Mid converison kit, b..
28 Sep Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962
admin 0 2096
KyoYou Ryn's collection, four-wheel drive M car. It is the product of the 1990s...RC Xpress Mini 4WD..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S development log
admin 0 1156
Half year ago after we finished our XQ1 project, we started to develop the Execute Sport XQ1S car ki..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S Intro
admin 0 1157
The Execute XQ1S brings forward performance and features similar to the competition class of the ori..
28 Mar Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S
admin 0 2518
Mark your calendars! Our Execute Sport XQ1S Touring Chassis will be arriving in April 2018! Glass F..
23 Oct Xpress Vintage Road Runner Unbox
admin 0 1863
An example of the finished car kit. The car box allows you to fully fit the carkit inside. Some ..
24 Sep Execute XQ1 Touring Car (Red RC)
admin 0 1902
Following month of development and the release of several teaser images, Xpress have now officially ..
17 Jun Execute XQ1 pre-orders at our dealers
admin 0 1035
After a long period of testing and fine tuning, our Execute XQ1 is now in the final stages before re..
16 Jun Xpress Road Runner 968 Photos Gallery
admin 0 3456
Throw back to 1996, 20+ years ago, Xpress released the first 1:10 on-road touring car, the Road Runn..
11 May Xpresso K1 Buggy Conversion Kit Prototype
admin 0 1081
"I have a K1, I have a buggy... Arrrrr.. K1 Buggy!" Having fun with our Xpresso K1 buggy conversion ..
28 Apr Execute XQ1 body sticker
admin 0 951
Sticker samples for our Execute XQ1 have arrived at our office, we designed two types of endplate st..
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