Xpress Execute XQ1 RC Car Review Here I am to make a small review of my yet short experience with the car.

After build this car, was clear the car have quality! As a future mechanical engineer, I was very surprised with the tolerances in aluminium and carbon parts! Plastica are also very well, hadn't any huge problem, like in all cars, needed some touches, so thats normal. Manual is very clear and easy to understood, I can say any costumer will easily build an Xpress XQ1 car.

At the track, well I started with a very "base setup" and car was already feeling with potencial just out of the box! First day was just to enjoy the car and feel what it needed to improve. Second day I tested some things and car was hugely better! I am working to find the near perfect setup for Low-medium grip tracks, I say near perfect because its impossible to have a perfect setup. The ideas I had are going in a good way and lap times are dropping, but I still have a lot to test and for sure, some room to improve. Other thing I like on this car is the fact it reacts to the changes we make on setup! Thats super important! In the end I believe this car have everything to let all drivers around the world win races!

I think setup sheet should have some more infos, for example I dont have anything to select if I am using the inner hole or outer hole in the rear hub, also which upper deck we are using (2.0mm or 1.6mm).

I have some suggestions for future parts:

  • PSS system for shocks
  • Aluminium Shock retainers
  • Aluminium rear CVD axle
  • 1 piece RF and FR hinge pin holder
  • Wheel hexes (- 0.75 mm)
  • Low friction belts with kevlar
  • Low friction pulleys (middle, front and maybe rear)
  • Dynamic Toe system on rear

    Thank you very much, Fábio Ramos