rcMart 好高興邀請到 Xpress 既設計師 WingWing 做專訪!由設計師深入講解全球第一架遙控K車! 麻雀需小五臟俱全,車架雖然細,但係全使用正規 1/10 電子裝備!密切留意rcMart!

First interview on XPRESS new XPRESSO K1 kit!

XPRESS's designer WingWing have been interviewed by rcMart to give our more ! First of its kind, the K-Chassis is probably the smallest chassis that can fit the conventional 1/10 touring ESC and 540 motor of nicely. A true rocket pocket that might fool your friends at the track by its "Cute" look, especially when it was fitted with one of the WR02 / GF01 body.

Stay Tuned for more details on the K-Chassis and heaps more exciting new products.