Review by disaster999 @ Sep 30, 2016 Source: rctech forum

Xpress recently introduced a new chassis class, the "K" chassis which is an even smaller platform than the "M" chassis (tamiya M05). I was intrigued by the size and "cuteness" of the car and bought one to try.

Heres a size comparison between the "K", "M", and regular 1/10 scale chassis

80% completed chassis

Overall Im pleased with the kit. The included components were high quality and they fit together nicely. Despite the fact the shock bodies were made from plastic, the shock did travel pretty smoothly. The instruction manual was a pile of junk, tho, and there were a few times where I used the wrong screw or ball joint in the build and had to do my own investigation and trial and error. If it werent for that hickup I would of finished the kit. Cant wait to test this car on the track

Finished putting the car together and took it to the track

The K1 is even smaller than the 1/12th

Out of the box its a handful. Due to the short wheelbase and narrow chassis, as well as the stiff springs included in the kit, the car liked to traction roll on high speed corners. much softer springs would make the car much more compliant and lean in the corners instead. I had a blast running the car.

The body came with the car as I bought it during their promotional release period. The body is made by Xpress and its called the K66. On their website they also said a few other bodies would fix, the Tamiya's WR-02 Jimny and Tamiya's LC40 found on GF01 kits. The volkswagon body fits as well, but Im not really sure who its made by.



Comment by Xpress Sorry for the bad in instruction manual. We have made some change to make it more detail. BTW, we have a youtube video manual to help in installation.