With the release of our Execute XQ11, we have also released some optional parts for you to further tune the car to your liking!

Aimed for your to easily to tighten/loosen the under arm ball studs and spur gear, we have released this spur gear and 6.5mm wrench. Stepped design makes getting to the underarm ball stud a breeze.

Demonstration of locking the spur gear in place for you to get more leverage to install or remove your spur gear.

Easily adjust rear end flex with this rear stiffener plate. Stepped design allows you to not affect left right flex.

As an upgrade to our Steel Top Deck Screws, are these Aluminum Top Deck Screw variants. To remove weight up top to adjust top deck flex.

Aluminum uprights which can be used in both the front and rear, make sure to get the correct side:
Aluminum Upright A
Aluminum Upright B

Suspension inserts are also available in aluminum, offering a more secure shock install.

Last but not least are front and rear split top decks. Offering less flex for use in high grip tracks such as carpet.
Front Split Top Deck
Rear Split Top Deck