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05 Oct Felix Law Introduces the Dragnalo DR1S
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Our US sales representative over in the US recently got his hands on our recently released Dragnalo ..
18 Aug Xpress 40X V3 Touring Car Wheelset Chosen as Fseara Control Tire
admin 0 524
Our 40X V3 Pre-Glued Competition Wheelset #XP-40181 has been selected for use as the control tire fo..
23 Mar Team Xpress Hong Kong at Yan Chai Cup
admin 0 752
The Hk Xpress Team recently entered the 2021 Yan Chai Cup, with a past difficult year it was good to..
05 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 Unboxed
admin 0 1117
Keith unboxed our upcoming Execute XQ2S showing you what to expect when you received your's! As per ..
03 Sep Execute XQ10 Build Tips with Felix Law!
admin 0 842
Felix Law, the latest addition to our factory team has recorded his build process of his Execute XQ1..
24 Jun Xpress Execute XQ10 Team Driver Base Setups!
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With some countries' quarantine restrictions being lifted, we thought we'd give you some base setups..
02 Oct Azri Amri got TQ & A1 in EPJB Race 2018, Malaysia
admin 0 550
Congrats our Xpress Malaysia Factory Team Driver Azri Amri got the TQ & A1 in super stock class in E..
28 Sep Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962
admin 0 562
KyoYou Ryn's collection, four-wheel drive M car. It is the product of the 1990s...RC Xpress Mini 4WD..
26 Sep Xpress XM1S Race Report by
admin 0 696
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) ..
26 Aug Xpress Execute Sport Mini XM1S Test Drive
admin 0 833
All we can enjoy the fun of quality M-Chassis RC Car at affordable price! Introducing our upcoming X..
25 Jul Xpresso K1 in Taiwan
admin 0 562
Compact Design for Big Fun! Here is the Xpresso K1 by our customer in Taiwan. Xpress K1 Owner:..
28 Jun Mark Raddenbury Execute XQ1 Testing
admin 0 479
Xpress Team UK Driver: Mark Raddenbury got busy with some both outdoor and indoor testing. He is b..
14 Jun Xpress Execute XQ1S First Impressions by Mark Raddenbury
admin 0 521
Mark Raddenbury received our Execute XQ1S and quickly got it built in time for a race. See what he ..
01 Jun Atsushi Hara's Road to Reedy Race 2018
admin 0 1005
We are honored to have had such an iconic person in R/C such as Atsushi Hara himself driving our car..
31 May Xpress Execute XQ1S Interview with Rc-Evo
admin 0 500
Rc-Evo 論壇壇主想跟我們進一步了解XQ1S 這個車架, 我們當然派出 "橋底膠車王" 飛仔親自介紹! 第一part: 第二part: ..
31 May Xpress Cup 2018 RD1 @ TRC Report
admin 0 404
Thanks to our Hong Kong distributors: for hosting the first of four rounds of their X..
18 May Xpress Execute XQ1S build review by Disaster999
admin 0 1529
A bunch of my friends are planning on running this car at our track bone stock, no modification, 13...
17 May Olive RC Presents: Execute XQ1S Drift!
admin 0 903
Olive RC recently received our Execute XQ1S, and being the magician with rc cars that he is, he tu..
16 May Mark Raddenbury's Execute XQ1 First Impressions
admin 0 438
I don't think I could be any more impressed with the RC Xpress XQ1 than I already am! From the build..
07 May Team Xpress Italia @ Marka Cup Round 2
admin 0 367
At the recent Marka Cup Rd 2, Team Xpress Italy made the trip over and finished with some solid resu..
27 Apr Xpress XQ1S unbox
admin 0 998
Our Hong Kong distributor has showed an unboxing of our XQ1S Sport Touring Chassis! This..
25 Apr Xpress XQ1S Launched
admin 0 461
Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S is launched!  Some of our dealers have received the car kits!     Manual ..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S development log
admin 0 430
Half year ago after we finished our XQ1 project, we started to develop the Execute Sport XQ1S car ki..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S Intro
admin 0 434
The Execute XQ1S brings forward performance and features similar to the competition class of the ori..
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