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26 May Arrow AT1 1/10 Competition Shaft Drive Touring Car Kit
admin 0 4651
A new series of shaft driven 1/10 touring cars, the Arrow series takes the best from the Execute ser..
28 Apr Xpress Wins 2WD 4WD BRCA MTC Clubmans Race
admin 0 629
The UK representatives of Xpress recently scored some very good results in the 2nd round of their B..
11 Feb Execute FT1S Long Time Running Review by Cosimo Marotta
admin 0 1209
Cosimo Marotta, a rc racer who left rc racing 20 years ago recently picked up one of our Execute FT1..
05 Oct Felix Law Introduces the Dragnalo DR1S
admin 0 1382
Our US sales representative over in the US recently got his hands on our recently released Dragnalo ..
23 Mar Team Xpress Hong Kong at Yan Chai Cup
admin 0 1130
The Hk Xpress Team recently entered the 2021 Yan Chai Cup, with a past difficult year it was good to..
05 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 Unboxed
admin 0 1400
Keith unboxed our upcoming Execute XQ2S showing you what to expect when you received your's! As per ..
28 Sep Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962
admin 0 1104
KyoYou Ryn's collection, four-wheel drive M car. It is the product of the 1990s...RC Xpress Mini 4WD..
26 Sep Xpress XM1S Race Report by
admin 0 1129
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) ..
22 Sep Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962
admin 0 1202
Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner Series 962 which was first released at Feb, 1996 Photo Cre..
26 Aug Xpress Execute Sport Mini XM1S Test Drive
admin 0 1326
All we can enjoy the fun of quality M-Chassis RC Car at affordable price! Introducing our upcoming X..
25 Jul Xpresso K1 in Taiwan
admin 0 1054
Compact Design for Big Fun! Here is the Xpresso K1 by our customer in Taiwan. Xpress K1 Owner:..
27 Apr Xpress XQ1S unbox
admin 0 1380
Our Hong Kong distributor has showed an unboxing of our XQ1S Sport Touring Chassis! This..
25 Apr Xpress XQ1S Launched
admin 0 803
Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S is launched!  Some of our dealers have received the car kits!     Manual ..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S development log
admin 0 714
Half year ago after we finished our XQ1 project, we started to develop the Execute Sport XQ1S car ki..
16 Apr Execute Sport XQ1S Intro
admin 0 727
The Execute XQ1S brings forward performance and features similar to the competition class of the ori..
16 Apr  First race on Vedano Italy, Nik finished A5
admin 0 610
First race on Vedano Italy, Nik finished 5th A-main in stock 13.5 class! Good job Nik ..
15 Apr Thanks all Xpresso M1 fans
admin 0 958
YMT Track, A new RC track in our hometown that built and run by the Government & it opens to public ..
10 Apr Fábio Ramos got A3 in Portuguese Nats with XQ1
admin 0 519
Fábio Ramos got the 3rd in Portuguese Nats Stock Class with our Xpress Execute XQ1 Driver Report..
06 Apr Vintage Xpress MRR2
admin 0 1278
Vintage Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2) 1:10 4WD M-Chassis RC Car got reviewed by a UK RC Magazine..
01 Apr XQ1 takes A1 & A3 in Zac Cup
admin 0 917
Congrats to our Xpress Factory Team Drivers Hay Lai and Chauman Chan for taking the win and 3rd resp..
29 Mar Xpress K1 & M1 in YMT
admin 0 1082
YMT Track, A new RC track in our hometown that built and run by Hong Kong Government & it opens to p..
28 Mar Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S
admin 0 1584
Mark your calendars! Our Execute Sport XQ1S Touring Chassis will be arriving in April 2018! Glass F..
27 Mar Xpress XQ1 Reviewed by Fábio Ramos
admin 0 785
Here I am to make a small review of my yet short experience with the car. After build this car, ..
11 Dec Xpress Cup Hay Chan Modified TQ A1 Chassis Focus
admin 0 829
Congratulations to Hay for grabbing Top Qualifier and eventually through three tough finals, was a..
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