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Team Xpress Blog - rc xpress

25 Jul Xpresso K1 in Taiwan
admin 0 1689
Compact Design for Big Fun! Here is the Xpresso K1 by our customer in Taiwan. Xpress K1 Owner:..
16 Apr  First race on Vedano Italy, Nik finished A5
admin 0 934
First race on Vedano Italy, Nik finished 5th A-main in stock 13.5 class! Good job Nik ..
10 Apr Fábio Ramos got A3 in Portuguese Nats with XQ1
admin 0 774
Fábio Ramos got the 3rd in Portuguese Nats Stock Class with our Xpress Execute XQ1 Driver Report..
28 Mar Xpress Execute Sport XQ1S
admin 0 2252
Mark your calendars! Our Execute Sport XQ1S Touring Chassis will be arriving in April 2018! Glass F..
27 Mar Xpress XQ1 Reviewed by Fábio Ramos
admin 0 1135
Here I am to make a small review of my yet short experience with the car. After build this car, ..
11 Dec Xpress Cup Hay Chan Modified TQ A1 Chassis Focus
admin 0 1385
Congratulations to Hay for grabbing Top Qualifier and eventually through three tough finals, was a..
21 Nov Team Xpress Execute XQ1 JV Fun Night
admin 0 1069
We recently held a Xpress fun night at Jordan Valley R/C Track situated in Hong Kong. A world cl..
06 Nov Australian Nationals in Perth
admin 0 1018
Over the weekend, Lionel Saunders and Vincent Chu travelled to Perth to contest their first major ev..
16 Oct Xpress XQ1 TC Reviewed by Lobo
admin 0 1150
/>   Review by : Lobo 玩咗XQ1幾個月,想來一個暫結。 這部車的車架比較硬而搖臂軟,我個人認為是較適合一些夠大和高抓地力場地。如在夠細的和抓地力一般時,就要在設定上(就一就)。..
11 Oct Azri Amri got TQ & A1 at the Arrowmax Asia Race Cup 2017
admin 0 1163
Congratulations to our Malaysian Factory Team Driver Azri Amri for scoring modified class A1 & TQ at..
27 Sep The Tiny Car Invasion
admin 0 1297
Xpresso K1 Drift/Touring ChassisXpress RC has been dormant since the late 1990’s when their “Kei Car..
25 Sep Ian Lee Got A1 in Stock CETC Rd 4
admin 0 1065
Congratulations to our Factory Team Driver Ian Lee for scoring the top step of the podium in the hig..
25 Sep  2017 CETC Rd 4 Result
admin 0 823
 Modified Class A-Main Results/ CETC Round 4, 2017 1 Akio Sobue 2 Naoto Matsukura 3 Nicholas Lee 4 ..
25 Sep 2017 CETC Season Overall Result
admin 0 914
2017 CETC season finished. We joined the CETC GuangZhou, Ximen & Hong Kong sessions. We are happy ..
25 Sep 車架聚焦 – 賴燦熙  (Red RC)
admin 0 1211
車架 – Xpress XQ-1馬達 – ORCA RTS 5.0T電調 – ORCA R32X電池 – ORCA 6300mAh LCG HV輪胎(公發)– Sweep Racing遙控器/舵機 –..
24 Sep Execute XQ1 Touring Car (Red RC)
admin 0 1688
Following month of development and the release of several teaser images, Xpress have now officially ..
23 Sep Team Xpress joined 2017 CETC Round 4
admin 0 778
Team Xpress joined 2017 CETC Round 4 RC Car Competition Date : Sep 23-24, 2017 Location : T..
20 Sep Execute XQ1 3D Assembly Instructions
admin 0 1260
We put together a series of 3D assembly instructions for some tricky parts which may be hard to inte..
24 Aug Azri Amri got A2 in Malaysia Arrowmax Cup Rd1
admin 0 961
Congratulations to our Malaysian Factory Team Driver Azri Amri for scoring a strong second at the in..
24 Aug Keith got TQ & A2 with Xpress XQ1
admin 0 967
Congrats our Factory Team Driver Keith got TQ and 2nd in Baby Mod (13.5t Boosted) yesterday at PYC, ..
24 Aug Xpress Execute XQ1 Build Vlog
admin 0 1172
Our Xpress Execute XQ1 is due for release soon, we are compiling a build Vlog as a preview and also ..
10 Jul Xpress Driver Azri Amri won EPJB Super Stock A1
admin 0 1088
Date : 2017.07.09 Race: EPJB Result : SuperStock A1 Azri Amri (Xpress Factory Team Driver, Malays..
06 Jul XQ1 Racing Report by Vincent Lau
admin 0 844
    Photo & Text : Vincent Lau My 2nd AOC completed in a low key fashioned B6 of super stock 13.5T c..
05 Jul AOC Rd 2, 2017 Xpress XQ1 Driver Report by Lobo
admin 0 1002
AOC Round 2, 2017 @ TRC 後感 圖/ 文 : Lobo Lo   參與賽事我知好多香港人都很忙,一星期要找一日假期都很難。但都希望愛遙控車的也能多參加這類比賽。成績並不是重點,有..
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