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Execute XQ10

Newest Execute touring car, the Xpress XQ10, with modernized updates. Comes in a mid pulley configuration, split bulkheads at a more economical price. Several minor changes to the geometry, for a even more neutral handling car which makes it suitable for a more wider setup window.

Model: XP-10713
Description:Original replacement part for the Execute XQ10 FWD conversion Kit, keep spares ready so your race day isn't cut short!..
Model: XP-10714
Description:Original replacement part for the Execute XQ10 FWD conversion Kit, keep spares ready so your race day isn't cut short!..
Model: XP-10716
Description:Original replacement part for the Execute XQ10 FWD conversion Kit, keep spares ready so your race day isn't cut short!..
Model: XP-10728
Description:Fan mount for 30mm fans to mount neatly underneath the servo mount plate on the FM1S, leaves you with more space to mount your electronics on the small m-chassis!..
Model: XP-10654
Description:Hate tape? Use this free float battery mount for you Execute series of cars! By removing the need for battery tape, it removes the unwanted tweak generated when applied across the battery. Your choice of using the supplied tabs or velcro!..
Model: XP-10731
Description:Upgrade Bando belts for the Xpress Execute FM1S and XQ10 FWD Conversion Kit, for higher efficiency in your drivetrain!..
Model: XP-10055
Xpress Body Clips 20pcs #XP-10055 Description: This is Xpress Body Clips 20pcs,genuine official replacement part from Xpress...
Model: XP-10671
Description:Titanium lightweight yet tough and durable spool outdrives for all forms of racing! Specially re-designed shape to make use of the full outdrive blade to get instantaneous power delivery! The lower weight increases the drive train efficiency...
Model: XP-10739
Description:Plastic Upper Deck Collar which allows you to control the flex on either end of your car!..
Model: XP-10643
Description:Plastic upper deck stiffener for when you want to tune the flex of the top deck stiffer but not too stiff when using the aluminum version!..
Model: XP-10611
Description:Rebuild parts for the Double Jointed Universals that come with all of the Xpress XQ1 XQ1S FT1 FT1S XQ10 kits!..
Model: XP-10496
Xpress Execute XQ1 Mid Pulley Kevlar Drive Belt 3 x 351mm For XP-10625 #XP-10496 Description: Replacement part for the Mid Pulley Conversion kit for Execute XQ1! Can be used in the front or rear. Feature: For: Xpress Mid Pulley Conversion Kit XP-10625 Material: Kevlar Color: Black Include:..
Model: XP-10813
Description:Gain more mechanical grip with this high flex chassis for use on low to medium tracks. Cut out slits around the motor mount area allowing more flex in the central area, combined with a different weave pattern greatly increases the flex of the graphite!..
Model: XP-10745
Description:Adjust the distance between the two ballends on the steering bridge with this insert steering bridge system! What this achieves is different ackermann settings and adjusts how much steering angle difference you can achieve between the outside and inside tires when you turn. By using a la..
Model: XP-10737
Description:FWD Conversion kit for the Xpress Execute XQ10, FWD drivetrain combined with a center of gravity shifted towards the center. By moving the pulley, the motor has been moved forwards as well putting more weight forwards and changing the weight balance by shifting one of the most heavy obje..
Model: XP-10725
Description:Replacement long travel shock bodies for the Execute XQ10 or the V2 short shock set...
Model: XP-10593
Updated short shock set for the Xpress Execute XQ10, a structural redesign which eeks out more travel and rideheight adjustment for the car! The increased travel inherently generates more traction for your chassis, so you will be able to notice a difference on low grip tracks! The re-designed plasti..
Model: XP-10715
Description:For some specific tracks that require less chassis flex, this one piece top deck on your FWD Converted XQ10 will allow more control and stability whilst cornering in both low and high speed corners! ..
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