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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

In Xpress website, we only accept orders from our dealers. We DO NOT offer retail sales at this moment. Please get our Xpress products from our dealers near you. Some of our dealers have on-line stores to serve customers worldwide.  You may also get Xpress products from online marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

If you want to apply Xpress dealership, please Contact us

Xpress is no longer taking the personal & team sponsorship application at this time. 

Xpress will NOT handle returning a product that purchased from our dealers.  However, our dealers are ready to help.   

If you want to return any Xpress Products for any reason, please contact the dealer or shop where you get your Xpress products from. Our dealers will take care of you!   

Xpress dealers in different countries may have different product return policies, so please consult them before purchase.

No price list can be provided! Approved dealers can check the prices & place orders in our websites.
Yes! We accept OEM & ODM orders. Please contact us if you got any project.
We no longer offer distributorship to anyone. To maintain the competitive prices & make our products affordable to all end-users, we eliminated the distributor price layer & only invite dealers to carry our products. The existing distributors are our long-term business partners. They help us to growth since the very beginning of Xpress. In appreciation of the long-term relationship, we have to keep their distributor status.

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