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We have tons of ball bearings for you to choose from to give you that edge to give your RC the extra speed and smooth performance!

RC Ball bearings should always be your first upgrades, it reduces friction for less rolling resistance, and that means higher speed and longer the running times. RC Ball bearings hardly require maintenance.

Model: XP-40257
Description:Replacement bearing for the belt tensioner portion of the motor mount on the Execute XQ11..
Model: XP-40249
Description:Replacement bearing for the center pulley in the Execute XQ11...
Model: XP-40250
Description:Replacement bearing for the wheel hub in the Execute XQ11...
Model: XP-40062
Description:Replacement bearings for the Center pulley found on the Execute XQ1...
Model: XP-40065
Description:Replacement bearings for the diff holders on all of the Xpress Cars...
Model: XP-40063
Description:Replacement/Upgrade bearings for use with double jointed universals...
Model: XP-40126
Description: 3x6x2.5mm flanged bearing, for use in Execute Flex Elimination Upper Deck adjustment area. The Flex Eliminator Upper Deck comes out of box from the XQ2S, FM1S and XQ10F kits. If use with XQ10, please use with 2.0mm Graphite Upper Deck For Flex Elimination #XP-10639; If use with XQ1 / X..
Model: XP-40061
Description:Replacement bearings for the steering arm found on the Xpress Execute series of cars...
Model: XP-40060
Description:Replacement bearings for the steering racks on the Xpress Execute Cars...
Model: XP-40064
Description:Replacement bearings for use with single jointed universals...
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