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Xpress Race performance designed bodies for 1/10 Touring Cars, M-chassis, K-chassis & other cars! Features an aggressive front end design to provide large amounts of steering. Large wheel arch section for a large range of mounting the body towards the front or back.

Model: XP-40078
Description:M chassis body with only racing in mind, featuring aerodynamic elements taken from real racing cars to provide you with the ultimate racing body! Lightweight lexan combined with the low roof height to prevent any traction rolls and makes cornering much eaier and faster!..
Model: XP-40025
Description: Racing bred body designed by "RCON Design" specifically for Xpress's K-1 K-Chassis! Low center of gravity will increase the speeds which you can corner at! Besides racing, this body has a rear specifically designed to make mounting normal 1/10 drift wings easy! K66 Body is Designed by ..
Model: XP-40074
Xpress Sporty Pickup Truck 210mm Lexan Clear Body For Xpresso M1 M Chassis #XP-40074 Description: Cute scaled down Sporty Pickup Truck body for M-chassis cars with 210mm wheelbase!..
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