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Execute FT1

Xpress's 1/10 FWD touring car kit! Competition grade graphite decks throughout, with an inbuilt fan mount in the bumper! With the motor situated at the most forward position, thought was put into the battery placement selections which allows users to adjust the center of gravity through battery placement! Sharing the same differential as the XQ1, features high strength heavy duty gears ensures consistent and durable power delivery!

Belt driven transmission with an interal ratio of 1.9 removes the difficult of making the FDR associated with FF racing worldwide, being belt driving allows more tolerance against debris on the track when compared to a gear setup. Spring steel double jointed universals whilst allowing for smooth cornering ensures durability and allowing you to finish races without problems. The fast change brass weight attachments at the bottom of the bulkheads can act as a stiffener and adding weight without having to take the body off!

Model: XP-10602
Xpress 3.0mm Outer Suspension pin w/ Groove 4pcs For FT1 XQ1 XQ1S #XP-10602 Description: New 3.0mm outer suspension pins, to be used with the new "Strong" series of redesigned suspension arms for the Execute series!..
Model: XP-10334
Xpress 39mm Spring Steel Double Joint Universal Shaft 2pcs For XQ1 XQ1S FT1 FT1S #XP-10334 Description: Spring steel double jointed universals with a replaceable pin to exchange when worn out! Smoother cornering when compared to traditional single jointed universals!..
Model: XP-10811
Description:Get wider or narrower trackwidth for your Execute Series car! Either gain 0.75mm in either direction by installing the mount facing the offset towards inside the chassis or outside! ..
Model: XP-10812
Description:Increase the trackwidth for your Execute Series car! Gain 1.5mm in total (0.75mm each side) in trackwidth in the rear! ..
Model: XP-10111
Description: Genuine official replacement part from Xpress, keep spares in your pitbag so your race day doesn't end early!..
Model: XP-10654
Description:Hate tape? Use this free float battery mount for you Execute series of cars! By removing the need for battery tape, it removes the unwanted tweak generated when applied across the battery. Your choice of using the supplied tabs or velcro!..
Model: XP-10055
Xpress Body Clips 20pcs #XP-10055 Description: This is Xpress Body Clips 20pcs,genuine official replacement part from Xpress...
Model: XP-10199
Xpress Execute XQ1 Brass FF 1 Piece Suspension Mount #XP-10199 Description: Using this brass suspension piece allows you to increase the weight without affecting the left to right balance!..
Model: XP-10432
Xpress Brass Lower Bulkhead Plate For Execute FT1#XP-10432 Description: Execute FT1 genuine official replacement part from Xpress...
Model: XP-10717
Description:Spring loaded anti tweak battery holders for the Execute series of cars! Highly adjustable for different types of batteries, including different height posts to use with either normal or LCG batteries! Without having to use tape, the chassis is not under pressure and therefore will not t..
Model: XP-10699
Description:Replacement upper bulkhead set for the Execute XQ2S. Can also be installed into other sport series cars, which allows the adjustment of high or low differential position!..
Model: XP-10689
Description:V2 of our 3.0mm outer suspension pin rear uprights. We have further added more material to the hub for more durability. ..
Model: XP-10643
Description:Plastic upper deck stiffener for when you want to tune the flex of the top deck stiffer but not too stiff when using the aluminum version!..
Model: XP-10611
Description: Rebuild parts for the Double Jointed Universals that come with all of the Xpress XQ1 XQ1S FT1 FT1S XQ10 kits!..
Model: XP-10127
Description: This is Execute XQ1 Eccentric Bushing Set, genuine official replacement part from Xpress. Note: to run the most narrow track width in the front, you will require #XP-10334 39mm spring steel double Joint Universals. ..
Model: XP-10123
Description: This is Xpress Execute  2 Piece Suspension Mount Pair, genuine official replacement part from Xpress. These can be used either in the FR or RF position...
Model: XP-10124
Description: This is Xpress Execute RR Lower One Piece Suspension Mount, genuine official replacement part from Xpress...
Model: XP-10865
Description:Designed to be used with the Flex Eliminator Bearing and Collar set #XP-10683, this set will allow you to limit longitudinal chassis flex whilst retaining lateral chassis flex. What this allows is corner grip but increasing forward traction!..
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