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Team Drivers

Xpress Factory Team Drivers

Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu

Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, Japan

We would like to welcome Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu to the team, a podium finisher in the 1/12 world championships and JMRCA Nationals in 1/10 touring car! Looking forward to him helping us developing our car to a higher level!

Felix Law

Felix Law, United States

We welcome Felix Law to our driver lineup, an established racer with big race wins under his belt! Racing across the country in the US, he will be able to assist us in bringing you a even more competitive car with his deep touring car knowledge!

Tony McMahon Australia

Tony McMahon, Australia

We are proud to announce the addition of one of Australia's top stock drivers: Tony McMahon. We look forward to working with him to provide you with the best setups and development with our Execute Series!

Masaya Okazaki Japan

Masaya Okazaki, Japan

We welcome young Masaya to our Xpress On-Road Factory Team! He is an upcoming talent who is based in Japan and have finished strongly in events all across Japan!

Eric Lee

Eric Lam, Hong Kong

Capable Modified racer with all the technical knowledge, a great addition to the team for getting race results and developing all our competition grade cars.

Azri Amri Malaysia

Azri Amri, Malaysia

We welcome one of Malaysia's best: Azri Amri to the Xpress Factory On-Road team. Azri will be a valuable asset to us in getting us Wins and helping us to continue to develop our Car!

Grace Kanyarat Thailand

Grace Kanyarat, Thailand

You might've seen her amazing driving on Facebook these couple of weeks. We've made it official, we welcome Grace to our Xpress Racing Team, a very talented young driver achieving some amazing results in the Thailand region with some strong finishes in the highly competitive TITC!
Kevin Chang

Kevin Chang, China

Similar race experience and results as Harry; Kevin Zhang has been scoring some nice results at several large races he's been attending! With impressive results and skills at such a young stage we look forward to racing with him!
Chan Chau Man Hong Kong

Yugo Nagashima, Japan

We welcome the highly talented Japanese touring car driver Yugo Nagashima to the team! Yugo will be representing us at international races and will help us develop our products further with his extensive knowledge!

Chan Chau Man Hong Kong

Chan Chau Man, Hong Kong

Introducing Chan Chau Man, our race team manager and a seasoned modified racer! No stranger to the top step of the podium!

Hay Lai Hong Kong

Hay Lai, Hong Kong

We welcome Lai Chan Hay to the Xpress Factory Onroad Team! With multiple Modified race wins under his belt, we are glad to have him representing us at races!

Keith Chui Hong Kong

Keith Chui, Hong Kong

Put a face to that name! Keith Chui looks after our Sales and Distributor Inquiries and will also represent us at all major races!

Carven Chow Hong Kong

Carven Chow, Hong Kong

We welcome Carven Chow to the Xpress Family! With a deep background and understanding of different touring car designs he will sure be able to bring a lot to the table in the design of optional parts and our upcoming cars!

Ian Lee Hong Kong

Ian Lee, Hong Kong

We would like to introduce to you the current Team Xpress Driver Lineup. Starting with Ian Lee, considered by many as the top Stock Racer in Hong Kong, Ian has recently won the Hong Kong AOC in the highly contested Super Stock Class!

Ivy Xie China

Ivy Xie, China

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Ivy Xie; an upcoming junior driver into our Xpress Factory Racing Team! She has lots of potential so look out if you see her at your next race!

Harry Ye, China

Harry Ye, China

Having started racing Xpress for his school programme, Harry has been steadily getting good race results, we look forward to him getting even more good results for Xpress!

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