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Brass RF One Piece Suspension Mount for Execute Series


Adjust your chassis stiffness by changing to this optional one piece suspension mount for the front of the rear end of your car! This suspension mount keeps the same width as the separate suspension pieces so the arm sweep angle isn't affected! Using this brass suspension piece allows you to increase the weight without affecting the left to right balance!

Note: When install on XQ1S, XQ2S, FT1S, XM1S, FM1S and other sport series Execute Chassis replacing the original composite suspension mount, need to use with #XP-10127 Eccentric Bushing Set.


  • For: Execute XQ1 XQ10 XQ10F XM1 FT1
  • For: Xpress Execute FM1S XQ1S XQ2S XM1S FT1S with extra parts.
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Black


  • One Piece Suspension Mount (1 pc)

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