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Newest Execute touring car, with modernized updates. Comes in a mid pulley configuration, split bulkheads at a more economical price. Several minor changes to the geometry, for a even more neutral handling car which makes it suitable for a more wider setup window.

Model: XP-10365
Description: Larger offset wheel adaptor in 6mm width for a large variety of cars!..
Model: XP-90029
Description:FWD version of the Xpress Execute XQ10, FWD drivetrain combined with a center of gravity shifted towards the center. By moving the pulley, the motor has been moved forwards as well putting more weight forwards and changing the weight balance by shifting one of the heaviest objects on the..
Model: XP-90032
Description:Different from other "entry" level priced touring car kits, the XQ2S has drawn it's inspiration from the race proven Execute XQ10! With adjustable suspension and steering to better prepare newcomers to the on-road touring car scene for the different type of setup changes you can make.Fit..
Model: XP-10009
Description: This is Xpress Gear Differential Bevel Satellite Gears Set, genuine official replacement part from Xpress...
Model: XP-10401
Description:Replacement King pin for the new V2 Strong C-Hub found on the Execute XQ2S, be sure to keep a set in your parts bag or when you're upgrading from the old C Hubs!Note: To use this new collar with other touring chassis in the Execute series, including XQ10, XQ10F, XQ1, XQ1S, FT1, and FT1S,..
Model: XP-10593
Description:Updated short shock set for the Xpress Execute XQ10 and XQ10F, a structural redesign which eeks out more travel and ride height adjustment for the car! The increased travel inherently generates more traction for your chassis, so you will be able to notice a difference on low grip tracks!..
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