Over the weekend, the forth round of the Greek Nationals was raced. With Nikos Nikolakopoulos and Ioannis Nerantzis representing Xpress in the stock 13.5 class both running the Arrow AT1 shaft car.

Nikos was able to snatch a third place whilst being tied with second on points. Running a fairly standard setup, with only some titanium and aluminum hardware to spice things up and reduce weight.

Whereas Ioannis took a more radical approach to how his car was built. You will be able to see a shorty LiPo was chosen with the esc relocated to the battery side as well.

Height adjustable rear body mounts through the use of servo mounts, very clever design.

Showing off his clean wiring, with enough room for the fan behind the motor since the ESC was relocated to the other side.

A closer look at the esc being relocated to the battery side to keep things balanced due to the reduced weight from the shorty pack.