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18 May Team Xpress Hong Kong @ 2021 Hkrcsa Round 1
admin 0 418
Over the weekend, our Hong Kong team competed in the first round of the HKRCSA racing series. Compet..
04 May Team Xpress @ SIMARA Opening Race
admin 0 862
With the grand opening of the Shanghai International Model Auto Racing Arena (Simara), our represent..
12 Apr Team Xpress @ TRC CNY FWD Racemeet
keith 0 587
Massive FWD race held on the weekend, with a strong showing from our Team! In the end we managed to ..
25 Mar Felix Law's Fseara Rd.6 Race Winning Execute XQ10
admin 0 613
FSEARA Round 6 was also won by Felix Law in the Modified class. Let's take a look at Felix's Execute..
23 Mar Team Xpress Hong Kong at Yan Chai Cup
admin 0 477
The Hk Xpress Team recently entered the 2021 Yan Chai Cup, with a past difficult year it was good to..
16 Mar Grace Top Qualifies at Huge RC Challenge RD.3 with Execute XQ10
admin 0 440
Grace, one of the drivers from our young driver programme successfully put her car in the top qualif..
12 Dec Keith wins at Arrowmax Cup Final Round 2019
admin 0 622
Keith recently brought our prototype touring car platform to the final round of the Arrowmax Cup Fin..
03 Dec Chauman's FT1S TQ and Wins @ Arrowmax Cup
admin 0 581
Chauman becomes the first person to Top Qualify and Win with the Execute FT1S 1/10 FWD touring car..
03 Dec Execute FT1S Designer wins with his own Design!
admin 0 817
Our Execute FT1 and FT1S designer Carven Chow brought his own creation to race! Even though he was..
08 Mar Xpress Execute XQ1 Wins Nonboost Class @ TITC 2019
admin 0 515
We are back after a hot and crazy week at Thailand, attending the 2019 TITC at a ever lovely Infin..
22 Jan Ian Lee Xpress Cup 2018 Stock Championship Winner
admin 0 372
Xpress Race Cup 2018 has come to an end, we would like to congratulate our Factory Team Driver: Ia..
07 Dec Malaysian National Electric On-road Championship 2018
admin 0 275
Round four of the Malaysian National Electric On-road Championship was held recently with more that ..
04 Dec Xpress Team @ OneTen Round 3 and 4
admin 0 335
As one of the sponsors of the OneTen Series, we sent a team to compete in both the blinky stock a..
20 Nov Team Xpress @ PMTC 10th Anniversary Race
admin 0 287
Team Xpress: Faye Chai, Chau Man & Keith recently competed in the 2018 PMTC 10th Anniversary Friendl..
12 Nov Gimard Widy wins at Grand Prix of Biguglia Corse!
admin 0 376
We would like to congratulate our team driver Widy Gimard for winning at the recent Grand Prix of..
02 Oct Azri Amri got TQ & A1 in EPJB Race 2018, Malaysia
admin 0 372
Congrats our Xpress Malaysia Factory Team Driver Azri Amri got the TQ & A1 in super stock class in E..
23 Sep Xpress XQ1 first Stock 13.5T Victory in Puglia Italy
admin 0 248
in Sep 23, 2018 Puglia Italy, Roberto takes home his first victory in the Stock 13.5T class with his..
17 Sep Xpress Race Cup Malaysia 2018
admin 0 463
Here's some highlights from XPRESS CUP '18 at Kota Raja RC Track, Klang (16 September 2018). Over 34..
22 Aug Xpress Race Cup 2018 Round 2 ACO Round Highlights
admin 0 279
Thanks to our Hong Kong distributor for hosting the second round of the Xpress Race Cup 2..
07 Aug Xpress Race Cup 2018 Taiwan Round Highlights
admin 0 312
Xpress Race Cup 2018 has been completed successfully in Taiwan with the winners in each category dec..
09 Jul First Victory for Team Xpress Italy: Nik TQA1!
admin 0 252
We would like to congratulate Nik from the Italy Xpress Team on taking their first ever top qualifie..
14 Jun Xpress Execute XQ1S First Impressions by Mark Raddenbury
admin 0 383
Mark Raddenbury received our Execute XQ1S and quickly got it built in time for a race. See what he ..
01 Jun Atsushi Hara's Road to Reedy Race 2018
admin 0 719
We are honored to have had such an iconic person in R/C such as Atsushi Hara himself driving our car..
31 May Xpress Cup 2018 RD1 @ TRC Report
admin 0 284
Thanks to our Hong Kong distributors: for hosting the first of four rounds of their X..
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